Dan Ahn

Dan formed Envision Ventures to help entrepreneurs succeed in changing the world. His current areas of interest are software for IoT, Big Data, and Security. While interested in getting to know entrepreneurs at any stage, he'd prefer to get to know them early on, even before they incorporate. During his venture career, he’s had the privilege of working with many successful entrepreneurs, sometimes as the founding VC. When you talk to Dan, he’ll extol their successes to you. Prior to Envision, he was a Managing Director at Voyager Capital, where he led the firm's Silicon Valley investment activity, and investments in Autogrid, ChargePoint, ClearCare, Vidder, and Wise.io—all in the very first venture round. Prior to Voyager, Dan was a Managing Director at Woodside Fund, where invested in or was the founding VC in numerous successful companies, all in the IT space. Prior to Woodside, Dan was an entrepreneur, having co-founded and been the President of EndPoint Technologies, which was later successfully acquired by Applied Materials. In his spare time, he enjoys moonlighting from Silicon Valley by playing the violin in the Symphony Parnassus in San Francisco, and spending time with his family. Dan has an AB from Harvard College and MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ashish Gupta

Ashish is a distinguished entrepreneur, investor, and technologist who enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed. He advises Envision Ventures on all aspects of its business. He has co-founded two successful technology companies—Tavant Technologies and Junglee (acquired by Amazon). In addition, Ashish previously worked at Woodside Fund, Amazon, Oracle, and IBM Research. Some of his past investments include Daksh (acquired by IBM), InfoEdge (acquired by Naukri.com), MakeMyTrip (IPO), MuSigma, Upwork, Redbus (acquired by MIH), and Azure Power (IPO).

Ashish holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, where he graduated #1 in his class and was awarded the President’s Gold Medal. He has authored several patents, publications, and a book on data warehousing and processing published by The MIT Press.

Tom Seo

Tom is actively involved in all investment-related activities at the firm, which includes generating and refining market theses, conducting due diligence, and spending time with entrepreneurs.

Prior to joining Envision Ventures, Tom was a management consultant at Oliver Wyman, where he advised corporations and financial sponsors on a wide range of strategy and operations-related issues. His previous experience includes roles in investment banking at UBS and mobile strategy at @WalmartLabs.

Tom graduated with a BA in Economics and Phi Beta Kappa honors from Cornell University.

Felix Zhang

Felix runs the international businesses of Envision Group, having co-formed the company from an idea in London to a leader in the renewable energy and technology space. He’s lived, worked and is at home in North America, Europe and Asia. His experiences prior to forming Envision Group include operating experience, investment banking at Morgan Stanley, capital markets at CIBC and investing as a partner at a hedge fund. He is passionate about technology start-ups, having invested in over twenty as an angel investor. When not investing in and helping start-up companies, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Felix has an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics and sciences from the University of Wisconsin, and a master's degree from University of St. Thomas, and attended the AMP programs at Harvard Business School. (Felix and Lei are not related.)

Lei Zhang

“Business is the rationalization of positive social change.”

Lei is the founder and CEO of the Envision Group. He left the financial services world in Barclays in London, with a vision to start a company that would use technology to change the world for the better. Since then, he has led the growth of the Envision Group into a leading, global renewable energy and software technology company headquartered in Shanghai, which profitably grew to over a billion dollars in revenues in less than ten years. When not being recognized by Forbes as one of China’s top ten innovators and pioneering "The Energy Internet", he enjoys fine wines and dining. He has a master's degree from the London School of Economics. (Lei and Felix are not related.)