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With an independent, evergreen fund, we're unconcerned with structural issues that lead to entrepreneur-unfriendly activity at most venture firms today. Our "unconcerns" include timing out, the next fundraise, and arbitrary investment constraints, enabling us to be structurally aligned with our entrepreneurs' best interests.


Timing Out

Venture Today. Most funds operate on a 10-year timeframe, after which holdings in portfolio companies are liquidated and distributed to LPs. This means that when a fund is close to timing out, investors can push for a premature exit—even if that goes against an entrepreneurs' long-term vision.

How We’re Different. Our fund is an independent, evergreen fund with no end-of-fund-life.


The Next Fundraise

Venture Today. Once an investment is made, the capital deployed is gone for good. This means that investors are under constant pressure to raise the next fund, which often leads to entrepreneur-unfriendly behavior that optimizes fundraising.

How We’re Different. We recycle most of our proceeds back into the fund, thereby eliminating the need to fundraise.


Arbitrary Investment Constraints

Venture Today. Constraints on fund strategy are usually set when VCs market their funds to LPs. These typically include limitations on stage (Seed / Series A only), arbitrary ownership targets (at least 20% ownership), and control (board seat required).

How We're Different. We're agnostic to investment stage, ownership targets, and board representation. We only care about partnering with category leaders.